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Call For Workshops

The aim of the conference workshops is to highlight emerging topics that are not overviewed in the main symposia. Workshops should focus on current technological and business concerns in communications and networking, with a combination of daily articles, invited presentations, and panels that allow participants to participate in constructive discussion.

Workshop Proposal Format:

Each workshop proposal (MAXIMUM 5 PAGES) must include:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Workshop Speakers (names, affiliation, and contact information)
  • Scope and topics of the workshop (max 1 page)
  • A short biography of the Speakers (up to 200 words per organizer) 
  • Rationale (max 1 page)
    • Why is the topic current and important?
    • Why will the workshop attract a significant number of submissions of good quality?
    • Why will the workshop attract a large number of attendees, in addition to the authors?
    • How does the workshop differ from others, i.e., related workshops and conferences of similar topics?
    • Target Audience
  • Planned format of the workshop, including 
    • Duration of the workshop: Half-day (4 hours), Full-day (6 hours), and two days (12 hours)
Workshop Proposal should be submitted in the form of PDF to